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Are You Getting Enough Greens (In Your Decor)?

Spinach, Celery, Olive, Avocado, Lime…

I think it is no small coincidence that green is the colour of some of our most nutritious foods. Just as we need lots of these nutritional powerhouses in our diets, adding a healthy serving of greens to your home’s interior can help boost your well-being when the days are short and cold and the landscape is gray and bleak.

This winter, I am on a campaign to encourage you to banish the winter blahs by adding more good colour to your environment.

We Found: Seven Easy Ways To Add Green To Your Home

The colour of new growth, green is optimistic and life-affirming.

And there is a reason why we never tire of looking at a green landscape: Green is easy on the eyes. In her book All About Colour, Janice Lindsay says “…our eyes can relax when they look at green because the wavelength is the perfect length to fit our eyeball. It lands smack on the retina without any focusing effort or adjustment.”

These irises are one of the first signs of life in my garden each spring. Photo: Carol Standil

These irises are one of the first things to start showing life in my yard each spring, and a welcome sight indeed! Photo: Carol Standil

Green might be nature’s perfect neutral. All greens work well together and pretty much every colour looks good against greens. How perfect is that little touch of purple in the iris buds above?

If a soft and subdued palette speaks to you, nature is ready to show you how to achieve it. Take inspiration from a favourite vacation spot or your own back yard.

Fresh green, blue green, soft sage green — all blend beautifully in nature. Image source: Pinterest

Soothing Green Room

Don’t you think this living room could have taken its inspiration from the luscious succulents above?

Mixed greens create a soft, pretty and serene living room. Image source: Pinterest

Nature can also inspire a lively and energetic colour scheme for your room. Consider your favourite summer flowers (I happen to love zinnias)…

Take inspiration from a sunny bed of zinnias. Green leaves make a stunning backdrop for the colourful flowers. Image source: Pinterest

…and translate them into a vibrant and cheerful room like this.

Vibrant Green Living Room

Enjoy summer all year when you decorate with colours pulled straight from the flower bed. Image source: Pinterest

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The Colour Secret To Boost Creativity

If your work demands creative thinking, (and whose doesn’t?!), decorate your office with blue

Image of office with blue accents

That blue wall could help with creative thinking. Of course, the blue cushion on the window seat wouldn’t do any harm either! Source: Pinterest

Good colours are more than decoration; they are functional. They can actually support us in living our best lives.

A recent article in the Huffington Post shares how blue can help you be more creative. This makes it a great colour for offices or other spaces where you need to innovate or solve problems.

“There’s a reason we love gazing up at the sky and out at the sea so much — the pretty blue hues put us in a relaxed mood and help our minds wander to the most creative of places. A University of British Columbia study found that while the color red helps develop sharper memories, the color blue helps unlock your imagination.” (14 Ways to Bust Out of a Creativity Rut, Alena Hall in  06/05/2014)

Here are three ways to bring blue’s creativity-boosting power to your work space.

1. Paint the walls.

Blue paint for work spaces

Some beautiful blue paint colours.

How to choose blue paint

Many people have trouble choosing blue paint. Blues that look pretty on a small swatch can feel juvenile when blown up on a whole wall, and very pale, clean blue walls can feel cold and insipid. (Although pale grayed blue can be wonderful to make a ceiling seem taller.)

Blue generally gets warmer as it gets darker, but context is critical when it comes to finding just the right one for your space.

For great wall colours, look to more complex blues — blue grays, blue greens, or blue/gray/green blends are generally work well.

TIP: You can often find great blue paint colours by looking at
the gray section of a fan deck.

2. Integrate blue through artwork.

Draw inspiration from sky and water even in a windowless urban office. Source: Pinterest

Blue looks great with pretty much any colour scheme, so adding a great piece of artwork or two can be a great way to bring blue into your existing space.

A beautiful landscape painting or photograph has the added advantage of providing you with an instant get-away. Lose yourself in the scene and let the creative ideas percolate.

If you like your artwork less representational, that’s great too — the important thing is that you choose something that resonates with you.

3. Add colourful furniture.

Inject a large dose of a favourite bold blue with a painted credenza or bookshelf.

The current trend for painted furniture gives you a great way to add a big hit of strong colour to your office without touching the walls.

If you can’t find exactly what you want, you can create your own. Add zing to bookshelves or a vintage credenza with a couple of coats of chalk paint in your favourite shade of blue. Now you’ve got something that is both lovely to look at and packed with practical storage for office supplies and important files.

Colour is Context

As with all colour, blue will be affected by its environment. A gray blue that feels cold and unappealing in a north-facing room may be perfect in south light.

The colour of your floors, trim and other furnishings will also play a role in determining which blue will look and feel right. Adding a cool blue item to a room with warm wood tones and yellow-beige walls will have a very different effect than would adding the same item to a room with cool gray walls and flooring.

If you’d like help choosing and co-ordinating the perfect colours for your space, contact us to book a Colour and Decor Consultation.

When to Hire a Colour Consultant

Winnipeg Colour Consultant Shares the Best Time to Get Colour Advice

“Help, the painter is coming in an hour, and I can’t decide on a colour!”

brush and chips cropped

Daunted by the vast array of colour options?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Whether it’s because they are overwhelmed by the thousands of options available, or because they and their spouses are firmly entrenched in opposite colour camps, many people find themselves in need of last-minute help to settle on a paint colours.

The good news: This is a great time to bring in a colour consultant because it could save you from a default decision that you will end up regretting.

A professional will bring both colour knowledge and an unbiased perspective to your space. She (or he) will help you choose the right colour to work with your existing fixed elements and support your colour goals for the room as much as possible.

What you should know: An eleventh-hour approach can limit your options if the only inspiration you have for your new colour scheme is existing fixed elements that you really don’t like. But, you will find that having a colour that actually works with them can actually make even things you don’t like seem much more palatable.

Making a last-minute colour choice also means you don’t have time to fully test the colour in your space. It is ALWAYS wise to paint up a large sample board in your chosen colour and finish, and move it around the room for a few days. This lets you see how the colour responds in different lights, at different angles and at different times of day.

“I’ve ordered my flooring and cabinets, but now I’m having trouble finding a countertop and choosing a paint colour.”

The good news: This is also a great time to bring in a professional to help you pull together a cohesive palette.

What you should know: A colour consultant can help you to choose and co-ordinate all of your finishes, including paint.

If the undertones in your choices don’t co-ordinate or the styles don’t work together, a professional colour consultant can spot the problem right away and help you to minimize the impact before the project is too far along. It may cost to make these corrections, but in the end, you’ll be glad instead of frustrated every time you walk into your finished space.

If your initial selections are mostly on track, your colour consultant can show you which elements will pull them together perfectly.

“I’m thinking about making some changes to my decor, but I want to have a plan in place to help me get a look that really feels right.”

The great news: This is an excellent time to hire a professional colour consultant.

What you should know: This can be both the most collaborative and cost-effective approach. It’s a particularly great choice if you are planning to do more than just re-paint your space.

A professional can help you find opportunities right at the start to avoid costly mistakes or unnecessary changes to fixed elements. This post by my fellow True Colour Expert™, Kristie Barnett on what to change and what not to change when decorating is a great example of how she turned an “ugly” floor into a beautiful one through the skillful use of colour.

Engaging a colour consultant in the planning stages of your project also gives you time to consider colours or ideas that might be a bit outside your comfort zone, without the pressure of the painter breathing down your neck.

When there is time to plan, your consultant can spend more time getting to understand you and your goals and then come back to you with a mood board showing a proposed palette of colours, finishes, furnishings and accessories. From there, she can work with you to tweak it to truly reflect your vision so that on the day you call the painter, you already know exactly what colours are going where — and why!

Hiring a professional to help you choose and co-ordinate colour and finishes for your home can benefit you at any stage in the process, but the earlier you seek advice, the more opportunity you have to make good choices from the beginning, and the less time and money you will spend trying to correct choices that do not support your vision for your finished space.

If you’d like help to fill your home with the perfect-for-you balance of classic elements, current trends and harmonious colour, contact us to book a Colour and Decor Consultation.