Use Colour With Confidence

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You want more than just a paint colour. You want a total look  that includes paint, furniture, flooring, window coverings, tile and more all playing nicely together to create a home that reflects and supports your best life.

If you are overwhelmed by all the colour decisions standing between you and the look you want, let a True Colour Expertâ„¢ guide you!

Carol is a Certified Interior Decorator who has studied with some of North America’s leading colour experts, including Maria Killam and Janice Lindsay.

Whether you need a paint colour for a single room, or a colour palette for an entire home, she will help you make selections that suit your home’s architectural style and reflect your personal colour goals.

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. — Claude Monet

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Carol is a certified interior decorator and colour consultant with a passion for helping people surround themselves with good colour.

She wrote a regular “Ask A Designer” feature for Covet Magazine, and has contributed to Maria Killam’s Colour Me Happy blog. (23 Things ONLY a Designer Will Tell You)

She is a graduate of Red River College’s Residential Decorating program.

Carol Standil Colour & Design is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“More than ever, our homes are critically important to our sense of comfort and well being. The act of decorating our homes is the catalyst that sparks our creativity, providing that special environment that helps us — and those we live with — thrive.” 
                                                                      — Leatrice Eiseman, The Color Answer Book