Exterior Colour Consultations

Having trouble finding the right colours for your home’s exterior?

Not sure which colours should go where?

An exterior colour consultation with Carol Standil Colour & Design can answer your questions and help you choose colours and finishes with confidence.

Stop losing sleep over questions like these:

  • What colours will make my home look more current/modern?
  • How do I get a classic look that won’t look dated in a few years?
  • What’s the best siding/stucco colour to go with my existing brick or stone?
  • Should I add brick or stone to my home’s exterior?
  • Should the colour of my neighbour’s house affect my choices?
  • What colour should I paint my trim? Should all the trim be the same?
  • What colour should we paint the garage doors?
  • Should the downspouts be the same colour as the trim?
  • How do I choose a roof colour?
  • How can I camouflage something I don’t like about my home’s exterior?
  • How can I use colour to enhance my home’s architectural style, or to give it style if it doesn’t have any?
  • What is the best colour for my front door?

Book an exterior colour consultation with Carol Standil Colour & Design and get the help you need to make the right colour choices for your home’s exterior.

Cost: $225.00

Duration: up to two hours

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