Designers share tips for bringing the indoors out

I’m always glad to see the latest issue of Covet Magazine come out, but I’m especially thrilled to see this one because I’m in it!

Covet – Spring 2014. Image via Pinterest. Click through for full credits and to read the magazine.

Covet is an award-winning design and lifestyle magazine that showcases “amazing talent and really cool things that can be found right here in Winnipeg.”

Naturally, as a Winnipeg colour consultant and interior decorator, I was delighted to be invited to write this issue’s Ask a Designer column, and I’m looking forward to being a regular contributor.

Since the theme for this issue was “indoors and out”, I invited three of my fellow decorators to join me in sharing their favourite ways to bring the outdoors to your indoor decor.

Would you be surprised to know that colour was tops on my list?!

You can read my article and get the perspective from my colleagues on pages 72 and 73 of the online issue here.


Bringing the feeling of outdoors into your home can make it happier and healthier. Check out my favourite tips for bringing nature inside.

Love what you see? You can subscribe to the hard copy or electronic issues for free. Here.

If you’d like help to fill your home with the perfect-for-you balance of classic elements, current trends and harmonious colour, contact us to book a Colour and Decor Consultation.



4 thoughts on “Designers share tips for bringing the indoors out

  1. Susan

    You are a gifted writer Carol. Great to see you doing more of this. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Susan Kuz
    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Carol Standil Post author

      Thanks for reading, Livia! I too will be VERY grateful when nature finally trades her white gown for green….Although it looks like we will be waiting a bit longer yet here in Manitoba.


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