I Am So Sick of White!

If you have ever chosen to paint your walls white because you’re afraid you’ll tire of colour, this might shift your perspective a bit.


The view outside my front door February 26, 2014 . Photo: Carol Standil

It is officially the coldest winter in Manitoba in 35 years. The snow came in November and the drifts just keep getting higher. With February now grinding toward its end I am sick and tired of looking out my window at unbroken expanses of white and gray.

Although it’s still a long way off, I am living for the day I see those first delicate shoots of green finally nudging their way through the melting snow.

Interestingly enough, at the end of summer, I have never longed for the flowers to die and the leaves to fall off of the trees. I have never wished away a blue sky. Have you? I really don’t know anyone who has.


Photo: Carol Standil

I love white in the right context, but too much white inside our homes can have the same effect on us as too much white outside. Without the right factors to let white’s positive attributes shine, its negative traits dominate. It feels cold, isolating and de-energizing.

It’s not so much that we tire of either white or of colour, but that we tire of bad colour.

According to colour expert Janice Lindsay, most bad colour combinations are:

  • chemical colours that would never be found in nature
  • unbalanced colour with too many competing hues
  • colour that is too high in contrast, or
  • white without natural light (the top photo is proof that even nature can get make that mistake!)

Taken early last spring at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Photo: Carol Standil

Just as sunshine, blue skies, and green leaves create positive feelings for us when we’re outside, so can the use of more (and better) colour inside our homes.

I’ve already got quite a bit of nature-inspired colour in my home, but this ridiculously bitter winter has inspired me to add even more. Just as soon as it gets warm enough for me to drive to the paint store, that is.

What about you? Are you the colours in your home doing all they could to make you feel supported, or are ready to start making some changes?

If you’d like help to turn your home into a beautiful and peaceful retreat with the perfect-for-you balance of classic elements, current trends and harmonious colour, contact us to book a Colour and Decor Consultation.

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