How to Decorate With Pink, Coral and Blush


I love the mix of pink, orange, yellow and brown in this scarf. And can you see the  lovely blush pink tones coming out in the leaves of this little tree in my back yard? It was so pretty the other day, I really wanted to include it here! Photo: Carol Standil

As a Winnipeg interior decorator and colour consultant, it’s my goal to to help you to embrace colour with confidence and unleash its power in your home.

This is the first in a series of posts on how to decorate with the colours you love. They will be based on the things that inspire me from day-to-day — nature, fashion, travel, current trends, retro style — and I hope they will inspire you, too!

First up: Pink. Actually, varying shades of pink, coral and blush, inspired by autumn leaves, one of my favourite scarves, and some spring 2014 fashion photos. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it seems a fitting time to delve into how to decorate with this pretty and often marginalized colour.

This board was inspired by the pink and copper outfit shown at right (Image via Angie Cox, Pinterest). Images sourced via Pinterest and Google for illustrative purposes only.

This board was inspired by the pink and copper outfit shown at right (Image via Angie Cox, Pinterest). Images sourced via Pinterest and Google for illustrative purposes only.

Go Bold With a Pink Sofa

The first board is based on Benjamin Moore’s Coral Essence, a deep rosy pink.

Go ahead and indulge in a luscious coral sofa and ground it with a colourful graphic rug. Keep the other elements in the space neutral and natural. Here, the greige wall, vintage lamp, carved table and hammered copper bowl help to keep the scheme from becoming too sweet, while the shimmering copper and bronze pillows add glamour.

If you already have a beige or brown sofa that you’re not ready to replace, find a rug that has both your sofa colour and pink in it, and pull out the pink to paint a console table or credenza for your big hit of colour. Add a dash of pink into the toss cushions on your sofa to tie it all together.

How to decorate with pink: a sophisticated blush pink bathroom

Blush, champagne and gold tones create a timeless and elegant bathroom. Images sourced via Pinterest and Google for illustrative purposes only.

Flatter Yourself in a Glowing Blush-Toned Bathroom

Pink has always been a great bathroom colour because it flatters the complexion. And while the old Mamie Pink bathroom has long been out of style, there’s always room for a fresh interpretation. This board is based on Benjamin Moore’s Peach Parfait — a lovely soft peachy pink with a just a hint of brown in it.

This time, the pink goes on the wall, with this lovely glass mosaic providing a shimmering accent in the shower and around the vanity. I’m not normally an advocate of  accent tiles, but this one is very subtle and organic feeling, so it will remain more current-looking than some of the trendy glass tile out there. The floor is a creamy marble tile that relates to the glass accent tile. The rich walnut mirror and sideboard (to be re-purposed as a vanity) add presence and help to keep the pink from becoming too frothy and sweet.

The pieces I’ve shown here assume a large space, but you could get this look in a smaller room, too. A little wooden dresser would make a great vanity and give similar custom look. If you don’t have room for a chair (I sure don’t!), maybe you can find a spot to tuck a small ottoman instead.

how to decorate with pink - sweet kitchen

Pink with lots of creamy white makes for a sweet and charming kitchen. Images sourced via Pinterest and Google for illustrative purposes only. Fabrics from Duralee and Tonic Living.

Have Fun with a Pink Kitchen

Not to discriminate against pink’s sweet side, this board gives it free rein. A few hits of pink can make a big impact in your basic white kitchen.

Why not indulge a trend and paint the ceiling pink? Benjamin Moore’s Fruit Shake is a pretty, warm pink that would cast a delicious glow. Tie in the colour with roman shades or upholster a banquette or chairs in one or more of these lighthearted fabrics. This would work great without the pink ceiling, too.

Even a small amount of colour can make a room feel colourful. If you have trouble keeping the pink cupcakes around (!), try a white planter with one or more pink African violets on the table or island for calorie-free year-round colour.

What do you think? Is pink your favourite colour? Do you see a place for pink, coral and blush in your home?

If you’d like help to turn your home into a beautiful and peaceful retreat with the perfect-for-you balance of classic elements, current trends and harmonious colour, contact us to book a Colour and Decor Consultation.

If you’d like to see more inspiration for how to decorate with pink, see my Pink, Coral and Blush inspiration board on Pinterest.


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