DAAX Promises Something New for Winnipeg

Tomorrow I’m attending Professional Day at the very first Design/Art/Architecture Expo (DAAX) in Winnipeg. It promises to be a different kind of show than other home shows in the city, and I’m dying to see how this first effort comes together.

As a Winnipeg interior decorator and colour consultant, my job isn’t only to stay on top of decorative trends, but to understand how the needs of consumers — my clients — are changing, and how the industry is responding.

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing my friend Susan Kuz’s talk about the Next Wave in Furniture Design (she’s doing it again for the public later in the weekend if you’re interested!), and to Mike Hetherman’s talk about aging population and design. This is a topic that’s becoming so important as the Baby Boomers age.

Of course, I’m also keen to see the exhibits, and to come back to work next week loaded with fresh inspiration! I’m not one to integrate every trend just for the sake of doing something new, but I like to be able to integrate trends with classic elements or in a classic way to create spaces that will feel current today and for years to come.

I’ll be volunteering at the Canadian Decorators’ Association (CDECA) booth at DAAX on Saturday morning, so please come by to say hello if you’re at the show. And stay tuned to my FaceBook page for updates of interesting finds!

If you want to tap into my freshly inspired brain on Monday to help you get beautiful results from your next interior design and decorating project, book a Colour and Decor Consult.


2 thoughts on “DAAX Promises Something New for Winnipeg

  1. Susan

    I expect it’s just the beginning of an influential new show in Winnipeg with the right amount of prairie-meets-international flair. I look forward to seeing your posts on this first event of DAAX, Carol.


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