Colourful inspiration from Paris in the spring!

At long last I can say from experience that I love Paris in the springtime! I recently spent a week in that incredible city — a gift to myself to mark a milestone birthday (!!) and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.


The primroses in the Luxembourg Gardens offered a tantalizing taste of early spring, even though the days were cool enough that I wore my parka almost every day. This was taken on my birthday – one of the few days we saw sun on this trip. Perfect timing!

I traveled with my husband, so the focus of this trip wasn’t exactly design and decor — however, I did sneak into a couple of stores, and I can’t resist sharing a few of the things that caught my eye!

Paris Decor Stores Are Awash in Colour for Spring 2013

The skies were mostly gray, but stores in Paris were showing plenty of colour. I had a chance to stop into the Bon Marche, Paris’s oldest department store, and found fresh, vibrant colours calling to me from every display!


This display of linen napkins was almost enough to make me forget my dis-inclination toward ironing….Maybe my more practical side will just pick up an assortment of colourful paper napkins to brighten up my table.


I’ve always been a sucker for exuberant florals, and this green table cloth was really tugging at my heartstrings…


These classic Tolix Marais chairs come in colours to suit every need…


Maybe you want a warmer colour? No problem. These have me thinking about repainting some old wooden chairs in my kitchen to recreate a similar look.


I think my cafe au lait would taste ooh la la in one of these colourful mugs…


Look up. Be happy! I’d love to find a spot in my house for a fun, colourful light fixture…These are fabulous, and I also love the idea of painting an old or basic fixture to give it new and unexpected life!


I was very inspired by this combination of graphic black and white cushions against a colourful patterned throw. I’ve started adding similar pillows to my living room and I LOVE the way it’s coming together!

Coming home inspired is one of the best parts of travel. I can’t wait to incorporate a few more of these Paris inspirations into my house in the weeks and months ahead.

What’s inspiring you this spring?!

If you want the colours in your home to inspire, motivate, soothe, or energize you — or if you simply want them to play more nicely with your existing finishes – contact us to request a Colour and Decor Consultation.

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