Green: The Perfect Neutral

Tomorrow, or maybe the next day, every tree in Winnipeg will be in full leaf. For any Winnipegger lucky enough to have a treetop view from home or office, this will be like watching our city cast off a dirty brown sweat suit to reveal a dazzling green gown.

I can’t say there are many, if any, greens I don’t like, but I truly adore the fresh, vibrant greens of spring.

Having a bit of fresh green around the house is a great way to carry the optimism of spring into any season.Think green won’t work in your decor? Think again! As it turns out, green may just be the perfect neutral.

“Green is so pervasive in nature that we never question it as a background for all other surrounding colours. Contrasting with purple pansies, pink azaleas, yellow day lilies, orange marigolds or red tulips (or any other colour under the sun), leafy foliage greens are truly nature’s perfect neutral.”

— Leatrice Eiseman, Colors For Your Every Mood.

So, now that you’re liberated from the notion that your options for neutrals must always be in the beige, brown or gray families (if indeed you ever had that notion), where can you add a splash of this incredible neutral green to your home?

How about replacing a plain white lamp shade with a lush green one, instead?

Or maybe adding a green chair in a corner of the living room? (Green drapes are another dramatic choice!)

Feeling bold? Why not grab a roller and paint the floor?

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, how about a great piece of artwork that incorporates green along with some of the other colours in your room?

Of course, you can also start by adding a beautiful houseplant to any room to enjoy a hint of springtime all year round. Plus, it’ll help clean the air and make your home healthier.

Today is Earth Day — what better time to think green?

If you want help picking the perfect green for your home, contact us to request a Colour and Decor Consultation.

6 thoughts on “Green: The Perfect Neutral

    1. Carol Standil Post author

      Thanks Sharon. We went for a walk around the neighbourhood earlier today, and it was so thrilling to see the green starting to burst out. Happy, happy green!


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